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Faith, Interfaith & Diversity events diary

Concord Annual Peace Service      
Wednesday 24th October, 7.15 for 7.30pm

Banquet Room,  Leeds Civic Hall,
in the presence of the Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress

Representatives of nine faiths light candles from the World Peace Flame and share words of peace. Contributions by students of Abbey Grange Academy and music by Pariss Elektra.

Sunday 18th November , 12 noon to 4.00pm


Interfaith Week Event supported by Concord
Visitor Centre of Kirkstall Abbey, LS5 3EH

Stalls, music, talks, guided meditation, carol singing, food and much more from a range of religious traditions

Concord is one of the oldest interfaith groups in the UK, founded 40 years ago. It exists to foster friendship, trust, tolerance, understanding and co-operation among members of the faith communities of multi-cultural Leeds.

The group also works closely with the Leeds Faith Forum
and is affiliated to the national Interfaith Network for the UK.
Concord is a registered Charity with a secretary, treasurer and executive committee.
Some of the faiths Concord brings together:
Baha'is, Brahma Kumaris, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Sikhs and others.

Its aims are:

  • to advance public knowledge and mutual understanding of the teachings, traditions and practices of the different faith communities in the Leeds Metropolitan District, and to nurture respect and friendly relations by facilitating interfaith dialogue and organising educational and cultural events;
  • to promote and to work for justice, peace and social harmony for the public benefit in the multi-cultural Leeds Metropolitan District by advocacy, by focused public events and projects, and by co-operating with other organisations that have similar objectives.

The Agreed Syllabus for RE in Leeds Schools

On 18th July Concord members heard about the implementation of the Agreed Syllabus for RE in Leeds Schools. Alastair Ross, an independent advior to Leeds SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on RE) presented a detailed, coherent and thought provoking talk about the formulation and implementation of the the syallabus across Primary and Secondary Schools in Leeds.

Alastair provided many examples of Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans and other documentary evidence that has been developed to assist with the implementation of the syllabus across all Key Stages. A lively question and answer session followed his main presentation.

Further information about the syllabus is available from Alastair Ross himself, via www.penninelearning.com, or from Leeds City Council at www.leeds.go.uk/docs/Leeds%20RE%20syllabus.pdf


Summer Solstice Celebration

On June 19th, Concord attendees participated in a meeting with a difference. Having been welcomed by Revd Dr David Randolph-Horn to All Hallows Church and given a short introductory talk about the Summer Solstice by Cyntia Dickinson, participants made their way to the Stone Spiral on Rosebank Road. There, those who wished participated in a Summer Solstice Ritual led by Jay Anderson, others preferred to watch.

The ritual followed a general pagan pattern,  with the symbolic cleansing of the participants and the ritual space with salt-water and incense. This was followed by Jay, as Priestess, creating the sacred space with a large sword. The four quarters, represnting the four classical elements were called. Then the spirit of place, the ancestors and the Sun were similarly welcomed into the space. Tokens of the Sun, tealights and small packets of sunflower seeds were given to participants as emblems of the risen Sun, and whilst holding the lit tealights we meditated upon the flame as a divine spark whilst listening to Jay recite the Orphic Hymn "To the Sun".

The ritual ended with communal Cakes and Wine, and then closing the circle in reverse to how the ritual space had been created. The final ceremonial aspect saw Jay offer libations of cake and wine to the spirits of the place, by the stone of remembrance for those killed in Leeds during the air raids of World War Two.

After the event, David Commented that the ritual was full of connections - with the season, with the elements, with nature and with each other.



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Concord's 40th Anniversary commemorative book available to purchase

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This substantial and unique book, published to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Concord, tells the story of the different faith communities in Leeds and of the key individuals who have promoted interfaith relationships.




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